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Frequently Asked Questions

Suppose a friend knows something about me before we become subscribers. Is that something protected?
Yes. Para. 3.a. is that broad. To make sure, you can give notice to your friend that that information is protected once s/he has verified subscription to you. If you do that by email, you can add the LP logo for extra emphasis that it is protected (see para. 3.b.).

Is LP an insurance policy?
No. It is a legal agreement between you and every other subscriber. But like many such agreements, it provides assurance that if there is a violation of the agreement, you have certain remedies available to you. It doesn’t guarantee you money, as an insurance contract would, but it allows you to get a judgment for money.

Is it legal in all states?
Yes. And to insure uniformity of interpretation to the maxim extent, the agreement says it is to be interpreted in accordance with the Restatement of Laws, a scholarly treatise which summarizes the case law of all American jurisdictions and is recognized by most state courts as authoritative.

If I have to enforce it, where will that happen?
Para. 10 says you can do the arbitration in the district where you reside, where the violation occurred, or where the violator is found.

Why isn't LifestylePrivacy.com free?
Many websites can depend on advertising instead of fees because they create frequent traffic from their followers. Ours just isn't that kind of website. But we will be adding services over time, and if they create advertiser support, we will reduce our price accordingly.

We welcome other questions for the FAQ section.
Send them to support@lifestyleprivacy.com