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About Us


LifestylePrivacy.com is a division of Grand Central Networks, LLC, a Florida company.  It is the creation of Douglas Wilson, a lawyer who has practiced law in the areas of civil rights, privacy and personal freedom for over forty years. 


Mr. Wilson is the author of the Privacy Agreement used on this website.  This agreement is the culmination of fifteen years of experience in working with similar agreements he authored for various alternative lifestyle organizations.  


In all those years, it has not been necessary to enforce a single violation through the arbitration process.  That is because the agreement is an excellent deterrent against improper disclosures.  On rare occasions it may be necessary to remind someone who is threatening to make such a disclosure of the consequences under the agreement.  Thus far that has prevented such disclosures from happening.


We expect that eventually there will be violations of the Privacy Agreement of LifestylePrivacy.com.  We realize how important it is to support the Agreement by vigorous enforcement of it, so as to maintain its deterrent effect by punishing intentional violators.  Everyone who signs it needs to understand that we will stand behind the Agreement in that way, within the limits of our resources.